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Kate Swift is an innovative entrepreneur and the founder of Property Works, a property management company specializing in short-term rentals and corporate housing. She has managed over 100 properties, which she leases and markets as short-term vacation rentals. In addition, her clients include corporations, insurance companies, and nonprofit organizations to provide longer-term housing to corporate executives, displaced families, and refugees. Her passion is to help create a beautiful housing experience for others. She has a unique ability to connect a housing need with a business opportunity.

    Vision is the art of seeing things invisible to others

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We started with a basic apartment and Kate's ideas lead to a complete remodel of the unit.  We listed it with airbnb late last month and we are booked for the next four and a half months.  It's nice to be able to leverage the property.  With just the the one unit alone, I'm getting two to three times more than I would have received than if it were a long term rental unit.  When it came to remodeling the apartment, we though her ideas were genius and we went for it!  Kate has exceeded all of our expectations as a coach and a mentor.  We were happy to see that there was followup which developed into a friendship and has gone hand in hand with her training process.  It's been really refreshing to have someone to work with like Kate.  When you have her program in front of you, it eliminates all of your fears. When Kate Swift says she's going to do something and she's got your back, she's going to be there for you.  You can trust her and her knowledge is on-point.  Everything Kate says she is going to do, she actually does.  I haven't experienced any empty promises in this program, in fact, Kate has exceeded all of my expectations.

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To be honest, I was pretty clueless on how to rent out my property.  I mentioned to Kate that I needed to travel for work.  Every time I went through the moving process before, my furniture got trashed when I temporarily vacated my home.  I was referred to Kate, who is a property manager and property renter.   Because Kate rents out short-term furnished properties, I thought she could be my solution.  After signing with Kate, she got me more money per month on our property than I ever thought I could earn.  Her team came in and explained how it all worked and I signed up to rent out my furnished home.  I'm not the type of homeowner who wants a revolving door style home rental.  With Kate's plan, she told me there is a short-term rental need for traveling professionals which is the type of rental I would prefer.  And, during the gaps in these short term rentals, an occasional airbnb rental works out just fine.  Kate made it clear that we were in this as a partnership and that as long as we had some give and take on both sides, our relationship would succeed, and so far it has. I'm pretty particular and pretty protective when it comes to my property and I have been pleased with Kate's communication skills throughout the process, and I'm very happy with the income that I've received. 

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Welcome to the premier guide on creating a six-figure business turning homes Into hotels with short-term rentals and bnb Properties.  This is a complete step-by step instruction manual that will teach you everything you need to know about bnb and short-term property rentals. Kate Swift's business is not just Airbnb because if she only did Airbnb, she would never survive in this industry. Instead, Kate discovered a wide variety of non-traditional house-sharing. And for the first time, she is sharing her industry knowledge in this easy read, step-by-step guide to the small business fortune she has created for herself and others.

"If you think you’re just going to put your house on the Airbnb platform and

be successful, you’re wrong". Kate Swift



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Do you want to master the bnb business? If you are looking for expert guidance to fast-track your new business journey then consider booking a one-on-one training sessions with Kate Swift.

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Welcome to the premier guide on creating a six-figure business turning homes Into hotels with short-term rentals and BNB Properties. This is a complete step-by step instruction manual that will teach you everything you need to know about bnb and short-term property rentals. 


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This video series is the perfect companion to the BNB plus ME training book. It covers all of the information within the training book  while Kate expands on this information using personal examples and scenarios from her own real-world experience.



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