BNB plus ME TRAINING GUIDE (Download Only)

Welcome to the premier guide on creating a six-figure business turning homes Into hotels with short-term rentals and bnb Properties.  This is a complete step-by step instruction manual that will teach you everything you need to know about bnb and short-term property rentals. Kate Swift's business is not just Airbnb because if she only did Airbnb, she would never survive in this industry. Instead, Kate discovered a wide variety of non-traditional house-sharing. And for the first time, she is sharing her industry knowledge in this easy read, step-by-step guide to the small business fortune she has created for herself and others.

"If you think you’re just going to put your house on the Airbnb platform and

be successful, you’re wrong". Kate Swift


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Do you want to master the bnb business? If you are looking for expert guidance to fast-track your new business journey then consider booking a one-on-one training sessions with Kate Swift.  Kate can teach you how to master the short-term property rental business with confidence.  Kate can also help you to establish a secure and effective workflow to ensure that you have consistent cash flow from property rentals while investing a minimal amount of capitol.  

BnBplusMe Book Course and Video Course I

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This video series is the perfect companion to the BNB plus ME training book. It covers all of the information within the training book  while Kate expands on this information using personal examples and scenarios from her own real-world experience.  These videos are available for streaming on an unlimited basis with a paid membership and are a valuable companion to the BNB plus Me book training guide.

Video 1 (coming soon)
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Setting Up Your Business

• How to Register and Set Up Your Business

• The Easiest Way to Track Expenses and File Taxes

• Why Trust Accounts Are the Best Business Accounts to Use

• How to Hire Contractors and Employees

Video 2 (coming soon)
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How to Choose Properties

• Research the Market

• The Life Cycle of a Property

• Housing Regulations You Need to Understand

• Features to Look for in a Property

• How to Rent Properties You Don’t Own

• Selecting a Property Based on Profit

• Selecting a Property Based on Location

• Pricing Metrics Based on Setup Costs

Video 3 (coming soon)
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How to Set Up Properties for Guests

• Necessary Furniture

• Utilities Setup

• The Easiest Way to Set Up a New Property

• Create an Operations Plan for Each Property

• Complete Furniture Amenities Checklists by Room

Video 4 (coming soon)
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How to Get Guests Into Your BNB and Short-Term Rentals

• Ten Ways to Book Properties

• Integrating Sites

• A Step-by-Step Guide to Listing Properties

• Which Platforms Are Best?

• How to Communicate With Prospective Customers

• The Best Marketing Tips for Vacation Rentals

Video 5 (coming soon)
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How to Create a Great Experience and Get

Five-Star Reviews

• The Key to Customer Experience

• Understanding Customers’ Needs and Desires

• How to Earn Five-Star Reviews

• Must-Have Amenities and Details that Make a Difference

• How to Enhance Your Amenities

• How to Work With Unhappy Customers

• Tips to Automate Customer Experience

Video 6 (coming soon)
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How to Run Your Housekeeping and Maintenance Like the Hospitality Industry

• Should You Hire a Housecleaner or Contract a

   Houscleaning Company?

• The Gold Standard of a Guest-Ready Room

• A Guide to Creating Fast and Flexible Cleaning Schedules

• The Daily Inspection Checklist

• Deep Cleaning Checklist

• Maintenance Checklists

Video 7 (coming soon)
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Business Challenges, Legal Requirements, and Problems That Could Arise

• Be Proactive to Avoid Common Business Challenges

• The Most Common Business Challenges and How to Handle Them

• Possible Legal Problems and How to Prepare for Them

• Research Your Local Laws