When I started, I was driven by the idea of making money while sleeping.  I didn’t want to have any limits. My traditional workday was eight hours. I wanted to be able to make money 24 hours a day. The only thing that came to mind was real estate. So, the concept of turning a house into a hotel made perfect sense to me. I owned a cleaning company and realized the intense labor and manpower that was involved to make money. Managing people was difficult for me so I figured it would be easier to manage a house.


I started in this business because I saw a need for a complete solution for families traveling from overseas who didn’t have time to purchase furniture and create a home. So, I created a home for them. The first house was in the North End of Boise, Idaho. The family who owned the home was moving to Chicago and couldn’t sell their house. They owed more on it than it was worth so I asked them to let me try renting it out on their behalf. I thought that if I gave people the option to have the house furnished, more people would be interested. I showed the house to a family who was moving from overseas. I could tell they didn’t like it, so I said, “Give me a list of things you want, and I will make this house beautiful for you.” 

I had 72 hours to make this happen and they signed a deal for two years. When they came in, the house was stunning. I furnished it all. And they were literally crying tears of joy. They stayed with me for two years, and that was when I realized this could work as a successful business.